Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Christmas Elf

Here's my mythological creature. I was trying to think of ideas for a Christmas card, but ended up just doing some little elf doodles instead. I think I may do another one before this topic is over.

Nothing super fancy or experimental. I just scanned in the sketch and then cleaned it up in photoshop. I mostly used the default soft round brushes, and that blendy finger thing. Oh! And I put some subtle textures over the top when I was finished.

Critique away!


Kactiguy said...

Bout time you posted something here. Now just get your buddies going.

Nate Baertsch said...

Mythical and Seasonal to boot! I have no crits really, great little piece.
Love that elvish flair in the hair!

Alisa said...

She has such a great expression. Very cute. The fur turned out nicely too.

Mike Brooks said...

Maryn, love your work like always...and she does have a cute look. Actually...I've seen the expression before. Reminds me of your Nancy Drew smirk. I don't know if smirk is the word. It's that "I think there's something going on here and I think I know what it is" smile.

ezzy said...

wow lovin ur artwork!- have u been on elfwood?- gr8 art there. -soz i dont even no u but i found the pic on google images :P